ES File Explorer is an immensely popular app which is used to manage or explore file. It was created by ES Global which happens to be a subsidiary alliance of DO Global, to be used in devices running on the Android operating system. There are a lot of features included in this app such as cloud storage, file transferability in between Android and Windows devices using a LAN or FTP.

This app acquired a good amount of fame in the app market and was downloaded by millions of users on Google play store as well as the app store just before it was banned by the Indian government.

What is ES File Explorer? 

ES File Explorer is a very helpful app that can be used for the proper management of programs and files. It incorporates a lot of supplementary features like tools to kill an already functioning software, complete cloud storage with the help of Skydrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive, as well as an FTP link so that it can be used on both your smartphone and PC. This software lets the Android users do easy management of their documents so that they get access to any file on their device and avail the option to share it on other devices. It also enables users to upload photos, play movies, and other videos.

Why is ES File Explorer banned?

The ES File Explorer app was banned recently in June 2021 as a strict action taken by the Indian Government against the tension caused amidst the border of China and India at the LAC which stands for Line of Actual Control. Constant clashes were happening between the two countries as a result of which the government had taken such a severe step. Along with the ES File Explorer app, 58 other apps too were banned because of being suspected to possess a serious threat to the privacy of our country as well as the people.

Alternatives to ES File Explorer 

The people who were fans of the ES File Explorer app can get rid of their disappointment now since the upcoming part of this post is going to deal with some of the best and safest alternatives to the former app. These alternatives can provide users with many more added features. The names of ES File Explorer Alternatives are enlisted below as follows:

  1. Solid Explorer

This is a very popular app used for file management in Android devices. It has a trial post that can be extended to 14 days that has to be upgraded to the plan you have bought to continue with the service. As far as the appearance is considered, it is designed in a materialistic manner which has been very common amongst the user interface of apps built since the emergence of Android Lollipop. It has also helped in the proper organization of panels offering instant access to be used by various storage folders.

 You can personalize the various components of the software just like some similar apps of that category let you do. The features of this app include supporting Chrome cast, index search for rapid file searching, and assistance for SFTP, SMB, and FTP clients.

  1. Astro File Manager

The next app we are going to talk about is the Astro File Manager which is very well known to be used by the android users. This app can be availed free of any charges and proves an uncountable number of features which can serve the purpose of different people. With this app, the users can view, manage, store, and shift the files very effectively without much trouble.

It offers the users intense knowledge regarding the space of storage, which can help them in decluttering their devices. Other features offered by this app include the extraction of files, their management, and a proper organization. It also lets the users carry on with compression and decompression of files with the help of the integrated archiver.

  1. Total Commander

Total Commander is again a great app which comes with a variety of essential features related to file management, quite similar to a lot of apps under that category. It incorporates a few more added features that distinguish it from the other apps of its kind. The users can get this app for free and it functions the most effective on the rooted devices.

Apart from managing files and organizing them, this app can be put to several other uses such as creating configured buttons for accomplishing different actions and operating commands. It also offers accessibility to remote files across WebDAV, SFTP, and FTP clients. It also provides cloud storage facilities.

  1. FX File Explorer 

Here comes the next app in this list, which is the FX File Explorer. It has a very simple user interface which makes it easy to be used by all users. This app can be obtained for free, but with the premium version, the users can get many additional features.

Alike most of the file management software, this app offers the basic set of features which comprises media player, image viewer, cloud service support, archiving files, and some more. Additionally, it also consists of some high powered features such as binary (hex), executor of shell script, and allows access to remote files.

  1. Files by Google 

As the name suggests, the next choice we have is this app which is developed completely by the giant search engine named Google. This app provides a safe user interface and offers many various functions. Undoubtedly it also enables offline file sharing, file backing up, and cloud storage of important documents. The feature of offline sharing depends largely upon the encryption of WPA2, which can offer a secure transfer of files from one wireless device to the other.

 Alongside, when talking about the storage decluttering of your device, you can also get brilliant advice from this app which can help you in creating space for important files on your device. Other features incorporated by this app are file transmission at the speed of 480 Mbps, smart file selection, secure file sharing, and backing up files to any drive or cloud storage.

  1. File Commander 

This app can be another great alternative to the ES File Explorer app and is very famous. It has an uncomplicated interface and is convenient to be used. It lets you do proper management of documents and files over your device and network but also facilitates cloud storage. Apart from offering file management, it also has to offer a lot more exciting features such as file converter, secure vault, recycle bin, storage analyzer, etc. You can use this app initially for free, but then, you will be offered several in-app purchases which can include additional features to the app.

Some extra features of this app include a customized home screen with various prefixed groups for making the classification of documents and files simpler. It supports Dropbox and One drive too. The users can make use if different login profiles for various devices. It also offers several file viewing options.

  1. MiXplorer 

This is one such android app used for file management which is overloaded with features. It has a lot of features that make it, even more, overwhelming for the lovers of ES File Explorer. Primarily, the user interface of this app is very advanced and just needs to be operated by a downward panel bar. Tabs can also be created in this app for multitasking across fresh folders and files. Similar to the ES File Explorer app, this app also offers a double panel that enables you to swap seamlessly between two different tasks.

Another point that deserves a mention here is that it is supportive of a great number of formats for files. It can do both zipping as well as unzipping of files, protection of password secured files, function ePUB files, etc.

  1. X-plore File Manager 

This app can be a little difficult for some users. If you are someone who has used ES File Explorer for getting access to the directory root, then this app can be the best alternative for you. The user interface of this app is dated, but comes up with a tree view that is famous amongst the geeky people who like back and forth movements in between the directories.

As you know the path of file can be a bit tough for a handful of users as it has lengthy root directories and the tree view assists in hassle-free navigation. The app also has a double-paned window and the users can be able to have the view using both panels.

  1. Amaze File Manager

The amaze file manager is a free file managing app that uses open sources. It is designed very smartly and can be used with a lot of ease. There are many options that you can use to view your files in whichever way you want to. It also supports all essential operations like copy and paste, compressing a file, file extraction, deleting, or shifting files.

The best part regarding this app is that it can be used free and has no in-app purchases. It doesn’t have ad interruptions too, which is another good thing about it. It has many other useful features such as file sharing, app manager, image viewing, secure vault, video player, etc. This app is very great and deserves to be given a try.

  1. MK Explorer 

Last but not the least, we have the MK Explorer app. This app is quite similar to the other apps that serve the purpose of file management and everything related. But it has many unique features which make it stand apart from the rest. The most important feature it has is the in-app gallery feature which lets the users view their images in the app rather than getting redirected to the phone gallery app.

It has a lot of intricate properties which you will notice when you are viewing a file or folder. It presents the complete path, size, last date of modification, and permissions granted for files that can be altered using a similar screen. Additionally, it is supportive of many shortcuts of the keyboard for the people who work on a physical keyboard.

Henceforth, this extract was packed with the most well-known alternatives to the ES File Explorer app. Names of 10 different apps are discussed in this post. Every app mentioned in this list is safe and secure to be used. They can be very reliable for users. For extra information regarding these apps, you can use the browser on your device to search about them. Lastly, we would like to say that as responsible people of the county we must abide by the government’s decision of not using the prohibited china based apps in India. Instead, you can download the same apps of Indian origin.


Is it safe to use the ES File Explorer even after it is banned?

Using the ES File Explorer after it has been banned cannot be recommended at all since it can be highly dangerous for you and your personal information. However, we advise you to uninstall the app if it is still there on your device.

Are all these alternatives to the ES File Explorer app of Indian origin? 

Not all of the above-mentioned alternatives to the ES File Explorer are India based. However, some of them can be stated as ES File Explorer Indian alternatives.

Are all of the above-mentioned apps free?

Some of the apps mentioned above are free without any in-app purchases whereas some of them have in-app purchases for extra features.

Can these apps get banned too?

There are no chances of the above-mentioned apps to get banned under any circumstances because they are safe to be used.