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AOL mail is a stylized American web portal free web-based email online service which is based in New York City. It is the division of Verizon communications and available in 54 languages.  My experience with the AOL mail is since Window 98 came to the USA, it was the best time when I send and received my college notes or assignment to the friends. AOL mail becomes so popular that it provides fast service to 9 million subscribers and recognized as a world largest email provider.

First, it was AOL net mail then it changes the name with AOL mail on December 1999. It was the AOL mail service which provides the text email alert on Pagers and cell phones which is still now used in every small or big Smartphone app alerts system. AOL mail also hit the market competitors like Gmail, and Yahoo mail by launching free webmail service in 2005 as “AIM Mail”.  In this new system, users are allowed 2GB of mail storage and also integrated with AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). The base of this AOL mail new service is on MailBlocks technology and is acquired by the AOL mail company in 2004.

Best AOL mail Features:

Check out the best featured that AOL mail provided to its millions of users and even adopted by different companies. If you are still using as I do or you were using AOL mail then share your best features from the list in the comment section.

  • The limit size of each email attachment is 25MB
  • The limit of a mailbox is “New messages 1000”, “Old messages 4000”, “Sent messages 4000” which is present as per screen name.
  • If AOL mail user require 250GB then the messages attachment size must have 25MB
  • SMTP, POP3, and IMAP are the protocols supported by AOL mail.
  • Such as Hotmail or Gmail service provider are allowed the link of AOL mail account
  • Advertisement (Ads) is shown during an email account and can be embedded links within emails.
  • It provides SPAM protection
  • It scans the email for the virus by a virus protection feature
  • There is a grammar tool spell checking is also added in AOL mail
  • You can send email to AIM mailbox or AOL mail
  • The original domain for AOL mail is
  • AOL software support HTTPS and SSL after user login to AOL mail.

Note: If AOL mail account is not operated for three months then the account will be deactivated and if the AOL mail account user has 0% activity for 180 days then user account will be deleted automatically.

The users of AOL mail was increases to 24 million in July 2012, as on 2015 Verizon has announced the discontinue its house email service for internet subscribers and entire customers were ingrate to AOL mail which makes this service spread more like today.


Step #1. Open the link into new web browser AOL LOGIN

Step #2. Enter Email or username to the provided field and click on “Next” button.

Step #3. Now enter your AOL MAIL password to the given field and then click on “sign-in” button.

Step #4. Now you will be entering into your AOL Mail account inbox, in this stage, you can send receive or manage your account.

How To Reset AOL MAIL Password

Step #1. Open the link into the new web browser. AOL MAIL RESET PASSWORD

Step #2. Enter your email address or phone number which you provide during the registration and click on “Next” button.

Step #3. Now AOL Mail service will send you the verification code to the provided information.

Step #4. Enter the Code to the provide verification field and click on the “Verify” button.

Step #5. Now you are enabling to enter a new password to login for AOL MAIL

Step #6. Enter a new password and click on the “SAVE” button.

Note: You will also get email link by AOL MAIL service to rest password.s

Step #7. There is some security questions also asked for the verification process. Complete all question and reset the password.

Step #8. After resetting the password of AOL mail account, go to the login page and you will be getting AOL service again.


  • Try not to utilize anything self-evident, as constant number series or “my password.”
  • The more drawn out your secret phrase, the more secure it is.
  • Try not to utilize letters that are alongside one another on your console or that pursue some undeniable example, for example, the four corners of your telephone’s keypad.
  • Try not to utilize a similar secret key that you use on another site. Make every secret key for each site interesting.
  • Try not to construct a secret phrase on close to home subtleties, for example, birthdates, addresses, telephone numbers, and so forth.
  • Change your secret key now and again.

 How To View My AOL Portfolios

The portfolios of AOL has been discontinued its services on 8th January 2019. So in this way users are allowed to view their portfolios through Yahoo signing method, in which AOL account details are required. If you want to view your AOL portfolios then follow these simple steps.


  • You can stream live NFL games from Mobile App
  • AOL MAIL app also provides the video clips to watch.
  • With the app, the user can also check their current location weather
  • There is a Forecast on daily and hourly bases
  • The notification is customized in AOL mail app
  • The emails are loading very fast
  • With the app support on Android device, one can manage it from anywhere.
  • There is a single location access feature which allows AOL and phone contacts.
  • AOL app also supports the flag email, move email and delete the email.
  • The fast empty button in AOL mail app empty entire trash & spam within one tap
  • There is a physical keyboard, control switch, and input device alternates are accessible.

Step #1. Open the Finance Yahoo website link into a new web browser.

Step #2. Click on “Sign-in” button.

Step #3. Select “Sign in with AOL”.

Step #4. Enter the AOL username & password to the provided field.

Step #5. Click on the “Sign-in” button

Step #6. Now you can see your full portfolio of AOL through Yahoo.

Want My AOL Mail On Android Phone/Tablet

AOL Mail is also available for the Android platform which provides the workable features and accurate performance. If you want the AOL mail app for Android device then go to the download method.

What get from AOL mail App:

  • AOL mail provide trading news
  • User can read & send email
  • There is a weather check option in AOL mail apk
  • Get important alerts
  • You can share with friends

Related Information: 

  • Updated: May 8, 2019
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Requires Android: Varies with device

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Final Words:

In this article, I discussed the legend of email trend AOL MAIL which change the way of business and personal communication into a new era. This type of innovation brings the upgrade in human life, we also discuss the AOL mail Android app. If you think that this article provides useful knowledge or you have any question related to this topic then contact us via comment box and we will reply to you with a satisfied answer within 24 hours.