VBIT Exams For 2022: Syllabus, Portal, Fees, Login & More


Hello Dear Students; today, we will give the information on the VBIT Exams. VBIT stands for VIGNANA BHARATHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. This Institute is located in Aushapur, Ghatkesar, near HPCL, Hyderabad, Telangana 501301.

What are VBIT Exams?

The most important thing to know is the Exam Syllabus. That will help you start your preparations as early as possible, and you can also get excellent grades in the exams. The VBIT also provides its own Student Portal for their student to share information about the study materials, exam dates and other information regarding the exams.

VBIT Student Portal

The VBIT College also provides their student with a student portal. From there, they can also log in with the password and ID offered by college. All information about the Assignment Submission, Exam Dates, Exam forms, Hall Tickets and other information.

VBIT syllabus

The Syllabus of the M.Tech SEM-1 in VBIT is – Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, Advanced Data Structures, Information Security, Mobile Application Development, Machine Learning, Soft Computing, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Advanced-Data structures Lab, Search Methodology & IPR and Stress Management by Yoga.

The Syllabus of the M.Tech SEM-2 in VBIT is – Advanced Algorithms, Advanced Computer Architecture, Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things, Data Science, Cyber Security, Advanced Computer Networks, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Algorithms Lab, Data Science Lab Mini Project with Seminar and English for Research Paper Writing.

VBITCollege Fee Payment

The Fees Structure for VBIT is around 2.01 Lakh -3.4 Lakh rupee divided into 4 Years which is about 35000-50000 Per Semester.

NIRF Ranking also approves the College. NIRF Stands for National Institutional Ranking Framework. The VBIT College Stand at 113 Rank.


  • Good Package
  • Better Future
  • Good Living Environment
  • College Culture
  • Academic Life
  • Security and Surroundings

Many students have passed out of this Institute and got a much better life than expected.

Thanks for reading the post. You can ask us in the comment section below if you have any doubts about the VBIT Exam.

Download the VBIT M.TECH 1st Year Syllabus by the link given here: – LINK


What Is The Highest Package At VBIT College?

VBIT also provides interviews of some famous companies to their students, so they get better placement. The lowest Salary Package is 4 LPA, and the highest Salary Package is 14 LPA.

How Are Placements In VBIT?

The Batch of 2016-20: They got placement in Wipro, TCS and Cognizant. They were offered 35000-50000 Salary per month & Almost 60%-70% got placement in the Year 2020.

Which Is Better, VBIT Or ACE?

Both of the Colleges are best, but we would suggest you guys go to VBIT(VIGNANA BHARATHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY)

What Is The Full Form Of VBIT?