Boost Macbook

Many people who use their Macbooks daily do not even ponder that they need to be taken care of from time to time. Especially that can be forgotten when working with mac is so smooth and enjoyable.

But sooner or later, everyone faces problems their computers may cause. Most of the time, these problems are age-related. Since everything changes so fast, your mac has to be properly maintained all the time.

So, whether your computer gets slow due to hardware or software related issues, you can still boost some life into it. Not everything is irreparable. With that in mind, do not rush to look for a new mac until you follow the steps given below.

Keep an eye on disk space

Boost Macbook

One thing you should always be aware of your computer is free space available on the hard drive. It is not that hard to run out of if. And if that happens, one of the first problems you will be having is a decreased speed of the system.

In addition to that, you also risk having a system crash or even losing some data. Usually, this happens because while you are using your mac, it has to create temporary files all the time. Basically, these files store information about the current state of all the processes occurring at the moment you work with your computer.

If the system does not have enough space, there is not enough room to write and rewrite those files. During the time, some processes can start acting incorrectly and generate errors, which will make your system crash in the end.

To not run out of memory, never ignore notifications about disk space being full. Probably the best way to prevent this from happening is to save all big files in additional storage or transfer them to the cloud space. This way, you will not have to deal with the data recovery process if something goes wrong with your hard drive.

Stay up to date

Having your system and applications always updated is necessary for several reasons. With every update, developers not only improve software but take care of its safety too.

But that is not the only reason to keep your system up to date. New updates contain fixes of old bugs and new features too. Their purpose is to make your work with a computer as smooth as possible.

However, every new update not only gives benefits to your system and boosts its performance. New features require extra resources from your computer as well. Having that in mind, upgrading RAMs might sound like a good idea too.

Add more RAMs

Boost Macbook

Depending on the Macbook version you have, chances are it will have an insufficient amount of RAMs to meet today’s requirements. Especially if it is one of the older generations. But that should not surprise you when everything improves so fast. Every new application or update released uses more system resources than the previous one.

To make your computer able to run the latest software, consider upgrading RAMs. That should give you a quicker response and a more satisfying user experience. Also, additional RAMs can be helpful if you are using videos and photos editing tools. Overall, the improvement in speed should be noticeable.

Restart daily

Keeping your computer powered all the time can affect its speed. Especially if it is put to sleep mode every time, you finish your work with it. Doing so increases the risk of the system running into problems.

Every time you turn on your Macbook, during the system initialization, a bunch of processes is started as well. And they require computer resources. In addition to that, when you open new programs, they start their processes in the background. If you tend to leave your computer powered all the time, the amount of such processes continually increases. As a result, no memory is left for the system to get along. When this happens, the computer starts to run slower, and errors begin to occur. Eventually, the system can freeze and crash.

That is why you should regularly restart your computer. It will let your Macbook close all the unnecessary processes and free up memory. As a result, your computer will be more stable to use.

Close unnecessary tabs

Boost Macbook

You would be surprised how much memory a web browser can consume. Particularly that can be felt if multiple tabs are opened at once. If your Macbook runs on little RAMs, you should pay special attention to this.

Even running in an idle state, your browser uses quite a lot of memory. So, in case you do not want to suffer from system lag, always keep the number of browser tabs as minimal as you can. Or close them as soon as you do not need them anymore.