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Getting customer satisfaction in a business is one of the most important things. You may achieve this by setting up proper customer engagement centers. Many companies are providing solutions for this and Five9 is one of the most powerful providers of cloud contact center software. Today’s our discussion will be completely on Five9 login, market share analytics, benefits, etc.

Five9 is growing every year and is having an experience of 19+years in the field. It is serving 2000+ customers worldwide with more than 5 billion customer interaction annually.

Founded in 2001, headquartered in California, Five9 began the cloud revolution in contact centers. Five9 swiftly gained popularity as contact centers began to understand the value of the Internet. Five9 has been leading the cloud charge ever since. Setting up its first center in 2003, the company has become a visionary to category leader.

Its subsidiary Firms are Virtual Observer, Five9 India, Five9 Acquisition Llc.

What Five9 Provides you?

  1. Creates successful customer interactions while increasing contact center productivity without any charges and maintenance costs of premise-based systems and thus brings a Complete Set of Integrated Capabilities.
  2. Focused on the building, implementing, and supporting an easy-to-use, complete cloud contact center solution and hence have Leverage Extensive Cloud Expertise
  3. The CC software is built on a flexible architect thus has a Secure, Reliable, and Scalable Contact Center. Our software is built on a flexible architecture that adapts to your changing needs.
  4. Five9 has joined hands with amazing partners such as customer relationship management (CRM), analytics, workforce management, performance management solutions, and telephony providers.
  5. Over time, it gained as a trusted partner.

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Why Five9?

Out of many companies around the world, what makes Five9 Stand top in all Here are some Five9 features:

Simple Pricing Scheme

Five9 offers a simple and easy to understand Pricing Scheme with no Long term contracts. The pricing scheme is available both monthly and annually. Only pay for what you need means the modifications in Pricing can be done very easily from month-to-month.


Smooth and seamless contact centers with no interruptions. It’s sophisticated architecture provides High Availability (fast, secure, and scalable) alongwith 24*7 monitoring.

CRM Integration

Five9 provides robust pre-built integrations with leading CRM solutions — Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft, Oracle, and Zendesk — so that agents have the information they need to make customers happy.


Five9 has won many awards over the time span of 20 years and is proved to be the Industry leader.

Cloud Platform

It is a complete cloud based contact center and removes the hassle and expense of traditional on-premise contact centers.

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How much does Five9 cost?

Costing is not available directly on the website but you have to request a quote by providing relevant details like Name, email, phone no. company name, country, etc.

The only thing I understand by analyzing the pricing scheme is there is a basic package that contains some services. You can add other services to this basic package and the cost changes accordingly.

The basic package contains:

Services Outbound Inbound Blended
Quality Monitoring     YES YES YES
Dialers YES NA YES
Historical & Standard Reporting



The add-ons Include:

  1. Agent, Supervisor, & Administrator Licenses
  2. Telecom Usage
  3. Multichannel
  4. Social
  5. Chat
  6. Email
  7. Mobile Care
  8. CRM Integrations
  9. Call Recording
  10. Screen Recording
  11. Quality Management
  12. Workforce Management
  13. Professional Services
  14. Premium Support
  15. Speech Recognition IVR

Where is Five9 Located?

San Ramon, US (HQ)- 4000 Executive Pkwy #400

Mandaluyong, PH- Worldwide Corporate Center Shaw Boulevard

Nizhny Novgorod, RU- Nartova 6

London, GB- HOUSE OF FRASER, 68 King William St

What is the meaning of an all-in-one contact center solution?

Five9 login image

The all-in-one contact center solution means Five9 provides you everything in one place. Easy workflow, clear access to things, and Well managed reporting tool. Because of the following things it provides at one place, under one roof that is why it is a complete package.


It provides excellent customer service with quick routing, voice-enabled self-service, and CRM integration.


It Stimulates sales, increases customer contact rates, and boosts upsell, cross-sells, and issue resolution with more live conversations by providing Five9 options for automatic dialing modes.


It brings together inbound customer handling and outbound dialing that removes the technology gap between the two.


The smooth transition between web, video, live chat, email, social media, and voice calls all while maintaining the customer journey context. Thus providing a better experience.

Workflow Optimization

Integrates WFO into Five9 services directly. Thus providing tools for Workforce Management (WFM), Quality Management (QM), Performance Management, and Gamification to keep your agents engaged and your contact center running efficiently.

Reporting and Analytics

With more than 120 standard reports, get a complete picture of your contact center including both real time and historical reporting.

Five9 login

Five9 provides easy access to its employees/ customers by giving them online access. To Five9 login online, you would require the following:

  1. A stable internet connection with good speed.
  2. A browser in which you open the website.
  3. Username
  4. Password

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Steps for Five9 login

To Five9 login, you have to follow the steps give below:

  1. Go to Five 9 official website .
  2. Click on login on top-right of the corner.
  3. Now Enter User name
  4. Then Enter password
  5. And finally click the login button.
  6. As soon as you press the login button, you would be navigated to your account and you can access whatever you want to.

Five9 Analytics

Analytics increases the power to synthesize a large amount of data to increase business insights. Analytics helps to ease out the process to identify trends, analyze the outcome, and evaluate the performance over a period of time.

The Five9 Reporting solution delivers sophisticated analytics:

  • Real-time statistics on all call numbers, ACD, FCR, etc.
  • Operational trends as well as business best practices
  • Alerts feature for a variety of interactions
  • Graphical and customization capabilities for easy reporting

The main idea behind the contact center is the ability to measure and monitor the performance of the business. Five9 gives easy access to the information you need to monitor the key statistics of your contact center and develop operational insights for process improvement. Moreover, you have access to real-time and historical data based on contact center best practices. The reporting tool provides the following

  1. Real-Time Reporting
  2. Historical Reporting
  3. Supervisor Application
  4. Performance Dashboard

Five9 Market Share

Five9 market share was at a peak in February 2019. After that, it is declining only.

Five9 login image

Five9 login image

Five 9 is gaining Customer from various other platforms

  • Atlassian Cloud
  • LiveAgent
  • FreshDesk Support

Five 9 is losing Customers to

  • Happy Fox

Five9 Traffic Ranking stats are here that will show you the value and usage of the website.

Global Rank: 29201

Country Rank: 6535

Category Rank: 324

Total Visit: 1.50M

Average Visit Duration: 13.34

Pages per visit: 8.80

Bounce Rate: 31.73%

Traffic from the US: 72.72%

Philippians: 5.51%

Canada: 3.59%

India: 3.39%

Five9 login image

Before you Go: Five9 Reviews

To Know, What people say about the product is very necessary. Five9 overall rating is 8/10 approx and Here are some true reviews about Five9:

Five9 login image

Other Reviews:

Five9- is the right choice for small and mid-size call centers.
Five9 is a great overall solution for quick Deployment
Consistent in both performance and Relationship
A Great High Volume Outbound Dialer
Five9 for the WIN
A Powerful and Functional Product to Reach customers
Five9 is a One-shop-stop for all care center needs.


Readers, Thanks for reading so far!

Five9 is a great product. If you own a company and are thinking of setting up people’s customer care needs, Five9 is the best solution for this.

I hope you would like this complete information about Five9, five9 login, and anaytics.

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