Searchtempest is one of the best online advertisements aggregators. This allows the various users to look out for results from various eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist. It is one of the oldest aggregators developed in the year 2006 by Nathan Stretch. The online aggregator Searchtempest was originally called Craig’s helper. This was developed with the intent to lend a helping hand to the users to search more than two to three Craiglist cities. As the number of eCommerce sites grew on a rapid basis, the name of the online ad aggregator was changed from Craig’s helpers to search tempest. A lot of famous bloggers have recommended search Tempest to the viewers to view the best ads to get their needs done. 

What is searchtempest? 

Searchtempest is an online ad aggregator. A lot of people tend to confuse this particular and aggregator with other platforms. This involves organizing every single brand under one website. Generally, the brands are organized based on the sector like groceries, hotels, taxis, etc. In simpler terms, one could say that Searchtempest is an aggregator. This acts more or less like a middleman. There is a significant difference between the other platforms and search tempest because it has strict controls of the user experience. This kind of online ad aggregator is enabled by an internet connection. 

The websites like Searchtempest, have gained momentum with the advent of the Internet. Before the internet, one of the biggest problems associated with logistics and supply was connecting the people on both sides of the supply chain. There were not enough ways and means by which the suppliers and consumers could communicate with each other.

How does Searchtempest help users?

SearchTempest has very much changed the levels of competition. The distributors no longer have to complete on the levels of the relationship between the different suppliers and directly contact the consumers and deliver your orders straight to them. This indirectly means that the customer is placed in the priority. The distribution medium is no longer physical, but an online medium. The various eCommerce sites and track the users by helping the distributors and the sellers to post their products on their site to attract buyers from different online websites and mediums like social media networking sites and other kinds of websites. 

Searchtempest is a networking business model where all the details about a particular business are bought less than one banner. The aggregator ensures that its partner sells the products under their umbrella. The partners would never become obliged to the aggregator in the long run. They will always be the owners of the brand but they would be asked to sign a contract with an online ad aggregator like Searchtempest. The online ad aggregator like Searchtempest does not have any sort of manufacturing facility or warehouse structure. It completely relies only on its marketing capacity. The products of their partners and the aggregators work more or less like a win-win strategy.

 What are the various features of Searchtempest? 

It is very important to understand the various features of Searchtempest so that users would be aware of how to make use of the site. All the services or products listed are from the same industry and they are organized only under one particular brand umbrella. The partners of the online ad aggregators never would become the employees. The end users are not just the customers alone but also be to be where another business would prefer buying the services and products rendered by one particular business owner. The online ad aggregator works like a platform that facilitates contact between the two business owners. 

All of the revenue generated from the online ad aggregator is put into the marketing activities and development of a particular brand. The brand has to enforce various factors like trust, quality, and price which would attract both the user and another partner. The quality of goods and services rendered must be very much standard so that all the partners who have registered themselves with the online aggregator would do maintain the same level of quality. 

How does Searchtempest work? 

These are the sequence of operations that are carried on under search tempest. Searchtempest gets into contact with partners and providers and they provide a plan for them. Searchtempest provides the providers and aggregators or contact forms to become their partners. This leads to the creation of multiple networks ranging from different partnerships. The aggregators would be asked to invest in devising the marketing plans for empowering the brands, the users in turn get attracted by the promise has put forth by the aggregators via their platform. The partners ensure the users for their brands and aggregators get their commission. 

How does Searchtempest make money? 

One could clearly say that the revenue-generating source of Searchtempest is commission. As the online ad aggregator provides the users to the different business owners. 

The partners are required to pay a certain sum of their earnings to the aggregators. In the initial stages, the partners are asked to quote a certain amount and the aggregator would have to discuss with the partner regarding the final quoting. The quote could vary depending upon the factors like industry, season, etc.

The small-time business owners and the ones who are new to the business fraternity can make use of sites like Searachtempest to ensure that their business gets the right reach. There are a lot of other reasons why you need to be using Searchtempest. Searchtempest works in close partnership with a lot of big names that would ensure that your startup makes the best profits. 

The online ad aggregator sites are umpteen in number but the real task lies in finding the right one. One could read about the reviews of the site on many platforms before actually making a final call on the choice you intend to make. The commission amount and the pricing have to be discussed very much in detail.