Do you know that whenever you pay for KFC food, the hidden amount is also available in your KFC receipt? If no, then you will be surprised to know that your KFC receipt has the hidden money which can be utilized in the next purchase from any KFC franchise. Many KFC lovers didn’t know that KFC provides a beneficial survey portal from where they get the discount code. This online survey is called MyKFCExperience, and it requires the very first thing is “Survey Code” printed on every KFC receipt.

We usually throw the KFC receipt after having the meal, but it actually can get you 10% off for next time buy food from KFC. If you want the survey benefits, then you have to understand MyKFCExperience. It is the online survey portal from where you can process to get the discount code. And you can apply this code for next time whenever you buy Chicken from KFC.

How To Get Discount Code By Following MyKFCExperience Survey Portal

Step #1. The initial step is to visit the official site of the KFC client criticism review. You can legitimately tap on the connection gave


Step #2. You need to choose the language in which you need to finish a further review. You can either pick English or Spanish whichever you are OK with.

Step #3. Presently you need to enter specific data that can be acquired from the receipt you got at the hour of your visit.

Step #4. Enter the remarkable review code imprinted in your receipt and the hour of your visit to the outlet to proceed.

Step #5. On the off chance that you can’t find the study code, you can tap on ‘I don’t have a review code’ alternative, and it will divert you to some other page also.


Step #6. You will be approached to enter the date, time, and store number as imprinted on your store receipt.


Step #7. Your data will be filtered. On the off chance that it finds legitimate, at that point, you will proceed to the review survey.


Step #8. A progression of inquiries will be there, dependent on your involvement with the KFC store. You should address every one of the inquiries genuinely and in a disinterested way. It will enable the administration to a group of KFC to improve their nourishment quality just as their administrations.

Step #9. The inquiries in the study would be identified with nourishment quality, neatness, and cleanliness, evaluating, conduct, and kind disposition of representatives, and comparable things identified with your experience.

Step #10. When you finish the review effectively, you will get an approval code that can be recovered on your following visit at KFC.

Step #11. Ensure you reclaim the code inside 30 days of taking the overview. Note down the code anyplace on the receipt and show it on the counter for nothing KFC go cup.

Important Things Need For MyKFCExperience Survey

  • You need an overview receipt with a novel ID code imprinted on it.
  • Any device with internet support can use for online feedback/surveys such as PC, smartphones/tablets.
  • The ones who participate in the survey should have 18+ ages.
  • Users can use the receipt for one time.
  • The KFC go cup can’t be moved into money. Any extortion action connected to the overview prize will be deserving of law.

The survey is exclusively accessible for the clients as it were. It doesn’t have any significant bearing to the workers, their family, their companions, backups, and anybody related to the KFC store.

Final Words:

Using MyKFCExperience online survey portal is the official benefit that you can get from the official page. If you are using any other platform for this portal, then your data might be in danger. We hope that you get the best-discounted offer from KFC using the MyKFCExperience feedback survey portal. Share with us how much discount you get from KFC using the survey portal.