Have you come across the word jacklistens.com? But what is it! Jacklistens.com is a customer survey portal of famous Jack in the box chain in the United States. Today I am going to share everything you need to know about the jacklistens.com survey platform.

Jack in the box is an American hamburger chain founded in 1951 by Robert O. Peterson in San Diego, California. The chain has grown up in the last 60 years and is now serving 2200 locations all over the U.S in 21 states. Starting from the West coast primarily, the chain has now expanded over the nation and people are happy though! Jack in the box is one of the largest and top-rated chains in the US.

jacklistens com

Why jack in the box is so popular?

Jack in the box is well-known for its 100% Sirloin Burger, the Ultimate Cheeseburger and the Jumbo Jack as well as other products such as shakes, ice cream, chicken nuggets, breakfast biscuits, salads, tacos, and sandwiches.

What jack in the box is doing for being better?

Every day, the food company is doing something better for its customers but Jack in the box knows that the real improvements can be done only via their customers. So, it started a customer survey portal jacklistens.com to get real feedback from customers.

Facts about Survey

  1. Only 2% of consumers will try to complete a survey.
  2. 30-40% of all online surveys are completed on a mobile device.
  3. The average person gets distracted in 8 seconds, that’s, why the reason is to complete the survey at a fast pace, which is recommended.
  4. Readers click links less on mobile devices than on desktops.

What is the Idea Behind Customer Surveys?

  1. Satisfaction Scale: By taking customer feedback, you will get to know how happy the customers are. How happy and unhappy they are with a particular product.
  2. Grow Better: The customer feedback will help you to improve your products.
  3. Returning customers: Also, when customers take the survey they will return back to you to collect their token on the next purchase.

jacklistens com


Jacklistens.com is the customer survey portal made by “jack in the box” to get sincere customer feedback. In this, you will have to go through a series of questions and get 2 tacos in the last. This survey is based on food freshness and quality of service. No registrations required, no card details required!

But yes a few requirements needed! Let us have a look at the requirements needed to carry out the survey.

  1. A system: computer or Laptop
  2. A browser: a working browser that fits good with the website
  3. A Good Internet Connection.
  4. A valid receipt, of last days.
  5. The person who is going through the survey Must Know English or Espanol.
  6. Age must be 18 years or more.
  7. An email address.
  8. A pen or pencil.

How to carry out the survey?

The survey process is not rocket science, its very easy to do a survey. Before starting the survey process I would like to tell you that you need to carry the survey with a good internet

connection and at a fast speed. Before if you go slow, you may face time out the issue and will not be able to carry out the survey again with the same number.

  1. Go to the website portal link,com.
  2. Select a language, English or Espanol.
  3. Enter 14-digit code written in the middle of the receipt.
  4. Choose the location of the restaurant you went to in the last 3 days.
  5. Enter the date and time mentioned on the bill/receipt.
  6. Enter the service you took that day.
  7. Go through the questionnaire, honestly!
  8. Then rate your satisfaction level.
  9. Enter A few more questions related to your visit.
  10. Collect the code written in the last of the survey and write it down on the last purchase receipt/bill.

Remember, the code is valid for the next 7 days only. So after taking the survey, you must go to the store in the next 7 days in order to get 2 free tacos with the next purchase.

So these are the steps to carry out the jacklistens.com survey.



Customer Support

  1. Call customer care directly, 800-476-0047.
  2. Send an online mail to support@inmoment.com
  3. Contact through social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  4. Contact directly at an online website, customer support forum.

Final Note

Readers, Surveys are important! So take part in the jacklistens.com survey and help the firm in getting better if lacking somewhere.

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Share your feedback here too, thanks for reading!