Tired of stutter and lag in online games? Fiber-optic internet can be the best solution to put an end to all this. Here are a bunch of fiber-optic internet plans that you can get to enjoy your multiplayer online gaming marathon without any disturbance.

Why Do I Need Fiber-Optic Internet For Gaming?

The fiber-optic internet rollout is still relatively less widespread than cable internet, which is why many people do not realize how fiber internet is so important. Not only for gaming but the advanced technology used by this type of internet connection and the speed it provides are great for all other types of online activities, particularly heavy ones. UHD streaming on Netflix, video calling, downloading and uploading heavy files, and cloud backups can be done a lot more seamlessly with a fiber-optic internet plan subscription. For gaming, fiber internet has a lot of edgeover other connection types. With minimal lag time and a fast response rate, gamers can actually expect themselves to get better at single-player shooting games and so on.

  • For 4K Gaming

You can buy all those 4K monitors to enjoy your favorite games in 4K resolution, but it will not be enough until and unless you have powerful internet backing it all up. Without proper buffering and load time, the resolution will pixelate and the 4K experience will just not be the same. Plus, 4K is a lot heavier than our usual HD resolutions, putting a lot more load on the internet that a regular DSL or cable might not be able to handle for multiplayer games.

  • For Multitasking

Shared bandwidth is a huge issue with cable internet. Not only is sharing bandwidth a problem within your house where several members are using the internet on their devices simultaneously, but you also share your cable bandwidth with your neighbors. Because of this, it’s possible that your games are not loading as fast as you hoped, or you might even be eating up someone else’s share of the bandwidth and unwittingly interfering with their internet usage.

If you are a student or an office worker, you may need internet connectivity for other heavier online activities as well. Whether it’s for attending meetings or streaming online lectures, with fiber-optic internet, you can do all these things without affecting the bandwidth. If you live in a family home, then the rest of your house’s members will not have to complain about you gaming all day long and taking up most of the bandwidth.

  • For Avoiding Outages

The optical fibers transmit internet signals via light from one point to another, making the speed of data transmission a lot faster than conventional cables. These fiber cables are not dependent on electricity. If there is heavy rain, thunderstorm, or anything that has affected electric power, you will not have to worry about your losing your fiber-optic internet connection. This is ideal for gamers as it won’t disturb your gaming tournaments or obstruct you from giving your best shot mid-game.

Best Fiber-Optic Internet Plans For Gaming

If you are all hyped up about switching to a much faster fiber-optic internet plan, then here are some of the best plans by the fiber internet providers you can enjoy.

  1. FrontierFiberOptic Internet 500

With its 100% fiber-optic internet, you can expect to get excellent download and upload speed with Frontier fiber optic. The fiber optic internet 500 plan costs $49.99/mo., backed by benefits like 24/7 customer support, no data overage fee, and no annual commitments. The plan is ideal for over 8-10 devices in a household.

  1. CenturyLinkFiber Gigabit 

Known for its high-speed internet and price-for-life deals to residential customers, CenturyLink does not fail to impress us with its gigabit fiber optic internet plan. The plan has a good value, providing you with 940 Mbps of the internet at only $65/mo. The epic part about CenturyLink’s services is its no-contract freedom, no data caps, price-for-life guarantee, and wide-area coverage. This type of huge internet speed is best for family homes, multiple devices with excessive internet usage.

  1. GrandeGig Internet

If you are residing in Texas, you must get your hands on Grande’s premium gigabit fiber-optic internet plan. Using Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology, Grande internet will be able to accommodate your heavy internet usage such as 4k gaming, binge-watching, and media sharing. The plan can also be customized with the addition of a free TiVo 4K experience. Those looking for the best TV and internet bundles should really opt for Grande.

  1. Windstream Kinetic Internet400 

If you are residing in or near a rural area with less coverage from other providers, you can always opt for Windstream Kinetic Internet 400 plan. It costs $37/mo. for the first 12 months and offers speeds between 376 to 450 Mbps. While pure fiber availability may not be widely available, you can still opt for a DSL-Fiber hybrid plan with Windstream, which is the next best thing. There are also higher speed tiers, such as a 1 gig fiber internet plan too.

  1. AT&T Fiber 300

If you don’t feel like 1 gig internet is really your speed, go slower with a 300 Mbps fiber internet plan by AT&T. At just $35/mo. for the first 12 months, you will get unlimited internet data, symmetrical internet speeds, great bandwidth, and AT&T Internet Security. Other speed tiers of AT&T fiber include 500 Mbps and 1000 Mbps max. 

The EndNote

Of course, the availability of each plan will vary from one place to another. It is best to check the internet provider’s coverage and availability of service in your area from Buytvinternetphone. Choosing fiber-optic internet for your gaming experience will be a really beneficial and future-proof decision you will be making!