With a name that combines a service that was famous, but not legal (PopcornTime) and the end of the Netflix brand, Popcornflix offers very good content from both movies and television shows. It is one of the few websites and free movie apps that offers quality streaming content for free, providing service for many years. It is legal and available worldwide. The collection of movies and TV shows may vary from region to region but users can use VPN to bypass such restrictions.

There are many movies and series from many years ago. Popcornflix is totally legal and free but it monetizes by showing advertisements on the app and the site. Popcornflix is available for iOS and Android devices. Some SmartTVs also support Pocornflix so, you can a lot of fun off watching movies and TV shows online for free on your multiple devices. There is no subscription needed and users can have a lot of fun using VPN.

Popcornflix is undoubtedly the leader in free streaming series and movies, but many alternative signals have already emerged in recent years. There are many similar apps like Popcornflix where you can access content for free, and even in some of them, you don’t even need to register.

These services allow us to watch thousands of movies and series legally and safely, and in some cases to finance themselves include advertising, in the style of the classic open television model in which there is no charge to see but include ads. Let’s see here some of these variants, taking into account that the availability of each service may vary depending on the country. For reasons of rights or business strategies, not all are available worldwide. These are the best alternatives to Popcornflix that you can use right now.

Top Popcornflix Alternatives 2021


From Viacom company, which owns a large number of TV signals in various countries of the world, especially in the United States, this signal combines streaming with live television and is absolutely free. Not only that, but you don’t even need to register.

And unlike other services that we include in this list, the content available is premium, since it takes advantage of its gigantic catalog and its current television programs to distribute them to the world. The model is supported by advertising, like classic television. So, Pluto TV can be one of the best alternatives to Popcornflix.


From Asia comes this streaming signal whose owner is the famous company Rakuten. With original content generated in countries of that continent, it offers a completely different catalog from what can be seen in the other classic signals. And how could it be otherwise, the K-Pop theme is very present.

Presently the Korean drama series has become really popular among the people of Europe and America. That is why if they need a free app to access all of those Korean shows, Viki is the best choice. Viki can be the best and even better alternative to Popcornflix if you want to explore international content.


This service, also within the category of free, has an impressive variety of genres and a category of films that have received awards and nominations at major festivals. It is in English and has the possibility of subtitles also in that language and because there is a very large chain behind this service there are many high qualities production content.

It is also an American streaming app, so you wouldn’t find regional content of your content but you are surely getting Hollywood hits for free. If Tubi is not available in your region for some region then you can use VPN to access the free catalog of this Popocornflix alternative.


Sony Crackle is a free streaming service that can be the best alternative to Popcornflix. As this service is from Sony, it has inherited several movies and TV shows from Sony’s production house and some other popular studios as well. Crackle is among the popular and really tough competition to Popcornflix as well as Tubi.

Joey, Spiderman, Seinfeld, and there are many more popular titles that you would find here on Sony Crackle. You would find mainly US content here so, don’t expect regional movies and shows here. As of now, this free movie app is available in nearly 36 countries so, if it isn’t available in your region then you may have to use the VPN.


One of the most recognized free services is Free TV, which includes a wide catalog of series and movies of the most varied genres. It also has an exclusive category of Mexican films ideal for a marathon in quarantine days.

If you think of Mexico as more than the yellowish background light that we usually see in Hollywood films then Free TV is really the best choice as an alternative to Popcornflix. It is in the Spanish language but you can select English subtitles as well. If you would like cult Spanish movies then, this is really among the best options.


SnagFilms is another great Popcornflix alternative that allows users to stream HD movies for free legally. This app can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, and all the Android OS running devices. It can be the best free movie app for movie lovers to stream movies, shows, and docu-movies in multiple languages for free.

This app has a lot of broad collection of entertainment than Popcornflix and Tubi. Over 5,000 movies, TV series, and other titles are available here for free streaming. Additionally, more new movies and series are being added each month to make its catalog even more extensive for its users. The app may run a few ads before playing video but that is the way app monetize itself. The app has a simple UI so users can navigate it through really well.

Bottom line

Popcornflix is undoubtedly among the best free movie apps to have all the entertainment you need on your smartphone. But using only one such free movie app may leave you with limitations. So, it is best to have its best alternatives and competitor where you can have a similar streaming experience without paying a single penny. You can add more names in the comment box.