Trunnis Goggins

Many of you know David Goggins, a famous American ultramarathon racer. But we not here to talk about him. If you have been to Skateland, you would know that it is owned by David Goggin’s father, Trunnis Goggins. He recently passed away at the age of 79 years.

Trunnis Goggins is the person who opened Skateland in the 1960s. Like his son, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, so are here to provide all the details about his life that you want to know.

Early Life

Mr.Goggins was a lifelong resident of the Buffalo area. He was born and brought up in the Cold Spring section of the city. Not much is known about his family background or parents. He went to Fosdick-Masten Park High School.

Right from a very young age, he was inclined towards working. He is one of the 12 children in the family. At the age of 9 when kids go around and play, he started working. His first job was shining shoes.

Later in his teenage years, he got a job in a chicken factory. In his spare time, he worked in an auto repair shop. When he was in his 20s, he acquired the job of a truck driver. First, he delivered chicken and then started delivering for Coca-Cola.

He worked many small jobs throughout his life. But his life hit a turning point when he opened Skateland in the 1960s. His stars shown brightly in skating and he found his passion in the rink.

The first Skateland was opened on Main Street. But after few years, it was shut down and he opened a new Skateland on East Ferry Street. The rink was located on the first floor.


His Family Life

Trunnis Goggins doesn’t have much information available online. Therefore, it is hard to tell anything about his family background. But we do know that he had 11 siblings.

Not much is known about his wife Susan A. Green. But Mr.Goggins has six children including four daughters and two sons. His four daughters are Marina White, Anita Goggins, Terasa Gipson, and Salina Lebris. His sons are David Goggins and Trunnis II.

Net Worth

Before becoming a full-time businessman, Mr.Goggins struggled a lot in his career. He worked many odd jobs to earn his living. But after he opened Skateland, things changed for the better.

Although his net worth is not disclosed, we can guess he was doing pretty well. He earned a major portion of his fortune from Skateland.

Trunnis Goggins was a man who loved telling stories and making people laugh. He was a philosopher, a loving husband, and a caring father. He passed away this week at the age of 79 years.


Where was Trunnis Goggin’s funeral held?

Funeral services were organised at the Chapel at Crosspoint around 1 pm.

How many children does Trunnis Goggins have?

Trunnis Goggins is the father of six children, including two sons named Trunnis II and David Goggins. He also has four daughters named Marina White, Salina Lebris, Anita Goggins, and Teresa Gipson.

Who is Trunnis Goggin’s wife?

TrunnisGoggin’s wife’s name is Susan A. Greene. There is no other information available on her on the internet.

How many siblings does Trunnis Goggins have?

TrunnisGoggins was born in a large family of 12 siblings, including him. However, there is no information available on any of his family members.

What did TrunnisGoggins do before establishing Skateland?

TrunnisGoggins worked as a truck driver before he opened Skateland. He started working at the age of 9 and did many odd jobs.