Sodexo North American portal

Employment is essential but getting benefits, quality of service, and rewards during the period are really appreciating. And Sodexo is one of the global leaders that provide you with quality of service. This article is about Sodexo and Sodexo North American portal login process.

Actually moving on to log in, lets first discuss a little about what Sodexo is.


The firm was founded by Pierre Bellon in Marseille in 1966.  Sodexo is leading firms to improve Quality of Life by providing service that is actually needed. Quality of Service is an important factor in individual and organizational performance.

Sodexo is serving 67 different countries around the globe and provides various services such as On-site Services, Benefits, and Rewards Services, and Personal and Home Services. With these services,  Sodexo is reaching out to 100 million employees each day.

With more than 100 services and 50 years of experience, Sodexo is providing its best to the consumers. And according to research consumers are happy though. Sodexo’s success and performance are founded on its independence, its sustainable business model, and its ability to continuously develop and engage its 470,000 employees throughout the world.

Sodexo Services

  1. Onsite Services
  2. Personal & Home Services
  3. Benefits & Reward
  4. Employee recognition software
  5. Employee Motivation technology
  6. Workplace motivation
  7. Employee recognition idea
  8. Employee recognition program
  9. Employee rewards, and recognition
  10. Employee motivation program
  11. Corporate real estate
  12. Food services
  13. Facilities management
  14. Catering

Sodexo North American Portal

Sodexo North American portal is a login portal for the employees of Sodexo, who can access their account anywhere around the world. Online Portals are easy to use and time-saving as well. It brings down all the tasks together on one platform. To elevate employee efficiency, Sodexo has made this online Portal.

Next, we will discuss how to login to Sodexo North American Portal.


  1. Easy sharing of work details.
  2. Employees can check the schedule/ task easily.
  3. Get your pay stub details on the portal without any hassle.
  4. Contact other employees, colleagues, and higher management through the portal.
  5. Work Timeline is available.

Requirements for accessing Sodexo North American Portal

There are some necessary conditions that you should fulfill for accessing Sodexo North American Portal.

  1. You would require a system(PC/desktop/laptop)
  2. A stable internet connection with pretty good speed.
  3. A browser preferably Google Chrome.
  4. You must know either English or Espanol because the platform is accessible in these two languages. Though Sodexo’s main website is available in many languages, Sodexo North American Portal is accessible only in two languages.
  5. And last but not least, You must know your employee ID and password to login to your account.

Login process to Sodexo North American Portal

Sodexo North American portal step

  1. One can easily access Sodexo North American Portal. Follow the steps below and login to your Sodexo account.
  2. Enter the Sodexo surname and password.
  3. And click on the sign-in button.

And that’s all! You can now access your account easily.

How to Register for an account?

Sodexo North American portal process

If you are a new employee with the firm, you first have to register yourself. Follow the steps below to register and get online access to Sodexo North American Portal.

  1. When you go to the login page, look at the links given below.
  2. Click on “New? Register the First” link and you will be navigated to register page of the Sodexo North American Portal.
  3. Enter the last name
  4. Enter last 4 digits of SSN
  5. Enter the Employee ID. Find your seven-digit Employee ID at the top left corner of your pay statement.
  6. Enter captcha give there.
  7. And finally, click continue.

Now you have been registered online as a Sodexo employee on Sodexo North American Portal. You can now login to your account and view information available to your account.

What to do if you forget your password?

Sometimes we forget password and its no offense. But what to do next? If you have forgotten your Sodexo North American Portal password, follow the steps below:

Sodexo North American portal password

  1. Go to the link.
  2. Enter your last name, last 4 digits of SSN, Employee ID, and captcha.
  3. This will verify that you are an employee of the firm.
  4. Now on the next page, you will get an option to reset the password.
  5. Reset your password, Click Submit and you are done!


Dear Readers/Sodexo employees, this is al about Sodexo North American Portal. I have shared all the information regarding login, be you a new user or an old one.

I hope you would like this brief information.

Share your feedback. Thank you!