Instagram is on a rapid boom. More and more people are leveraging this platform to increase their visibility, improve their outreach, and become popular. But, with the growing number of users and the stringent restrictions, finding the best content on this platform can be a little difficult.

But, to ease that more and more Instagram tools are making an appearance, Piknu is one of them. This tool has gained quite a lot of popularity over the course of time and all because of its ease of use and the overall layout that it has.

If you don’t want a complicated Instagram web viewer tool, this is the one.

How does it work “Piknu”?

Now, for those who aren’t aware, Instagram is mainly a mobile-based application. While you can view accounts and pictures on the web, it is likely that there are restrictions on the website version.

This is where the Instagram Web viewer tools like Piknu come into play.

It lets you search for the specific picture, an account of even hashtag that you have been looking for an view them without any restrictions.

Remind you that they only work for the public Instagram accounts and not the private ones. Since Instagram is quite stringent with their algorithm and very particular about the privacy of their users, you wouldn’t be able to access the private accounts.

This allows you to explore pictures, hashtags, popular photos, and find any user on the web. Additionally, it also lets you share photos from your desktop to Instagram without any hassle at all.

As for the feature of the website, it has a pretty simple layout without any complications. The search bar is where you can type in the desired photo or account you want to explore and this tool takes care of the rest.

Is it safe use Piknu?

With Instagram web viewer tools, there is always that constant misconception among people on whether it is safe or not. Piknu is completely safe to use and doesn’t register any kind of personal information.

All that you have to do is open the website and lookup for the item that you want. It is actually just that simple.

It is encrypted, so you can use this website without any further questions.

If you have been wondering what Piknu is and why it has gained so much popularity, we hope this article comes in handy for you.