Do you love to read comics online? The mesmerizing comic character has taken a special place in our lives. isn’t it? Whether you are a kid or an adult, reading comics can be fun for you! There are many platforms available on the web where you can read online comics and one of them is mangastream.

The old days have gone when you save some money and buy a paper-based comic book for you. Now in the 21st century you are living in the era of the Internet and digitization where you can get thousands of comics free on the web, no money required! In the old days, you had to think of language as well in which you wanted to buy the comic but now you can read comics in whatever language you want. So, money-saving and multilingual are the biggest advantages of online comic book platforms.

Friends, today I am going to share all about the mangastream. Scroll Down to Know more!

What’s Mangastream?

Manga is a Japanese term that means “comic” and stream means “online”. Mangastream is the most demanding platform to read comics online. It is one of the most renowned manga scanlation sites that has gone off at the start of this year, 2021. With mangastream, you could read your favorite Japanese comics online for free. Pen pictures of characters by various artists will blow your mind on the platform.

Manga comics has a wide variety of genres ranging from science fiction to actions, drama, and romance. The comics will serve the purpose of all ages of readers, no matter which age group you fall. is working, it may be a clone of mangastream.

Mangastream Amazing features

User-friendly Interface

Mangatream’s website is very attractive and appealing. It does not have any mono-colored content/pages but still, it can bind-users because of its simple and easy to navigate interface.

Unique content

Mangastream has a huge library and you can find unique content every day. There is no end to creativity and artists are working every day to provide the latest content to the readers.

Why did Mangastream go down forever?

Mangastream was a very popular scanlation site over the internet. Scanlation is the fan-made scanning, rendering, and editing of comics from a language into another language.

This act is not legal!

There was no official announcement on the web about the closing of such a huge platform but this has happened. After serving the world for a decade, this website has shut down forever. And following the Manga stream, Jaimini’s Box also got shut down.

The Idea Behind Shutting down…

Jaiminisbox announced that:

“The idea is to let this turn of the decade change the scanlation scene, hoping services like MangaPlus (MP) can grow and put out more free content. Giving way to a new era of scanlation, fueled by the wills and wants of manga fans that want a free, accessible, and legal alternative that supports the mangaka. We hope that this will improve the quality of both the scans and translations that MP offers (only time will tell).”

It’s worth noted that this may be the end of the Scalation Era and Illegal things over the web. Jaiminisbox’s closing statement was very appealing and showed true Support for official manga. They request manga readers to continue the official manga reader from Shueisha, MangaPlus.

Why Everyone is Addicted to Mangastream?

Mangastream has no comparison, it’s unique and different from all other platforms. But why is it so? Let’s discuss Why everyone gets addicted to mangastream.

Because of its eye-rolling features, comic lovers would remember this great platform in their hearts forever.

  1. Manga stream videos are always in HD format. So, people love to watch videos here.
  2. Read your favorite manga completely free of cost on Mangastream. Who does not like free stuff!
  3. The sidebar of new releases was very helpful. Great website interface is always appealing!
  4. Directory of mangas helps you to find your favorite mangas easily.
  5. Join the team as a redrawer.
  6. Last but not free, free translation of mangas, I.e Scalation, the Main reason for shutting down this great platform.

Mangastream Alternatives

Hey comic lovers, don’t be sad if mangastream has shut down. There are many alternatives that would give you the same look, feel, and experience. So here is the list.

1) MangaFox

MangaFox is one of the best alternatives to mangastream and will give you the similar experience as you get through mangastream. Various genre comics are available on MangaFox such as Drama, Fiction, Horror, Romance, Comedy, School Life, etc.

The website interface is easy to use and properly arranged into the top categories of Categories, Most Views, and New Manga.

Also you can download the Manga fox app and enjoy watching mangas anytime. There are many fake mangafox websites available on the web, choose an orange-colored one mixed with a black and white base. That’s the original Manga Fox!

2) Comixology

Comixology is one of the greatest sites to read digital comics. It’s an Amazon company. Though the website is not free it’s great to get an idea of the manga you want to read. As every manga/ comic here is beautifully described.

Here you can purchase manga by paying real money. You can also send a manga comic as a gift to your friend using this website.

Things are very well arranged and easy to find! DC marvel comic books are also available here.

3) Manga Reader

Read online manga for free with manga Reader. A separate tab of popular Manga will be very helpful for new readers so that they can easily build interest. The chronological ordering of mangas is amazing and allows you to find comics easily. This is one of the best alternatives to mangastream. All the information is written like an alternative name and author name in the manga description. Moreover, hentai games on the site are a win-win for hentai lovers.

4) Manga owl

Mangaowl is one of the best websites to read free mangas. Starting from love to horror to thriller, every kind of manga is available here. The website interface is also easy to navigate and use. Find your best comic here and you would forget mangastream for sure. The description with every manga is written very well with a true rating. So if you are new to manga and do not know which manga to read, come to Maga owl, check ratings and start reading!

5) ComicWalker

Going with or without registration doesn’t matter for comicwalker. Comic walker is a good site to read comics for free and cherish those beautiful old golden days. On comicwalker, you do not have to surf more, there is a separate area of free comics, enter the area, pick a manga, and start reading! That’s all! I would recommend a comic walker, so have a visit and analyze the website.

6) MangaReborn

One of the best similar sites like Mangastream is Mangareborn. The website is good, user-friendly, and has pretty good stuff to read. The news section on the website will keep you updated on all latest manga. No ads, no registrations needed! Moreover, there are no ads as well.

7) MangaPark

Another enjoyable alternative to mangastream is mangapark. Its interface is very similar to the manga reader. You can register yourself and login to your account but this step is not mandatory, though useful. To see the viewed history and get recommendations, you must have an account. You can go to settings options(the gear icon) on the top right of the screen next to use and do all necessary settings. Hentai is available here as well but hidden in default look.

8) MangaPanda

The green-colored theme website, manga panda is none less than a beautiful platform to read mangas and go into the world of comic characters. The platform is very similar to manga readers but with a different theme and search type. No registrations required. Ads are there but not that annoying that you would get frustrated. And It’s totally free of cost.

9) MangaTown

MangaTown is a hub for mangas. The manga you have been searching for years would easily be available here. It has a very nice collection of various genres of manga. Its user-friendly interface and well-arranged things over the page will surely bind you. I would say it is the best alternative to mangastream.

10) MangaDex

If you are a real comic reader then MangaDex is a great platform for you. Mangadex has manga available in more than 20 languages. It doesn’t matter where you belong around the globe, you can use this website easily and read the manga of your choice.

Final Thoughts

Hey comic readers, over and all If I would see the scenario, it shows the picture like “scalation has come to end not manga! Approach to official manga website to watch endless cartoons, made from talented artists around.

A scalation is an illegal act we all Know. But we all like free stuff as well. If you want a similar website like manga then go for these alternatives and get a feel like mangastream only.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope this would be helpful for you.

Share your feedback. Enjoy reading!