Caution: Toxic Players Mainly Gamble 2

Caution: Toxic Players Mainly Gamble 2 “Lol” Champions

In League of Legends, it’s pretty common for people to act badly. It shows up in insults, causing trouble, and even people leaving their team. If a Summoner goes AFK (away from keyboard) and stops playing, he not only ruins the game for his own team. It looks like the players of two “LoL” champions are to blame for this.

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Which “Lol” Champions Are Most AFK?

First of all, it doesn’t mean people who run a script and send their Yumi into lane to level up their account so they can sell it. It’s about the people on your team who get so mad during the game that they refuse to work and send their champion back to base.

League of Graphs has a lot of information about the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. This sometimes includes the amount of time some champions spend not playing. The two “LoL” champions Yasuo and Yone stand out in particular. They are the only ones to get a rate of more than 1%.

The two brothers seem to be drawn to toxic gamers as if by magic. Yone gets a rate of 1.02, and Yasuo gets a rate of 1.15.

Why So Serious?

The complexity of the two windy brothers could be one reason why their AFK rate is so high, especially at low Elo levels. At first glance, it seems like both “LoL” champions would be easy to learn. When beginners find out how things really are, they can quickly become frustrated.

“With a “all-in” style of play and no way to get away, these two champions can easily rack up a number of kills if their ultimate abilities are used carelessly,” says the video game magazine Dot Esports. “Yasuo and Yone also need to be ahead of lane in lane to really extend their lead later in the game. Otherwise, they have little to no impact in later teamfights compared to other picks with more utility.”

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