Invisible Character Discord Channel

Remember the kind of popularity that My Space gained back in the 90s? Well, Discord is like that but a little more public. The platform has gained immense popularity among the millennials and Gen-Z, given the cool features, usernames, and engaging celebrity hype on the platform. 

However, one of the coolest features that the users are unfolding on Discord is the invisible character name and profile picture. It is also like being anonymous and having fun with hundreds and thousands of people around. Most of the time, as curious you are about the “blank name” thing, you’d realize that putting spaces in your display name doesn’t do the trick.

So, how are other users doing the invisible character discord? Well, you have come to the right place because we are going to unfold all the information that you likely need to know about.

What does the Invisible status mean on Discord?

If you are completely new to discord, chances are that you’d be very confused with the invisible or anonymous names and blank pictures all around. However, many users are doing this to safeguard their privacy when they are out on such an open platform as Discord.

Having the invisible status on Discord means you wouldn’t have to worry about unwanted people approaching and messaging you since you will be shown offline to people around. 

There is a dedicated DND status on Discord as well which serves a similar purpose but with a twist. It means that while people will know not to disturb you by messaging at that moment, it doesn’t conceal whether you are online or offline at the moment, which the Invisible status does.

What does the Invisible Name mean on Discord?

Pushing aside the Invisible Status on discord let us move on to the concept of Invisible Name. Under this, your user name won’t appear on your discord profile anymore and will be hidden. However, your profile picture and status will be visible in that case. Your community will be able to view your profile picture and the status but there will be a big black in the spot where the username is supposed to be.

If you are wondering how you can have an invisible name on Discord, the process is simple. All you need to do is change up the Unicode characters into the text. That’s all that you need to do in the process. You just need to pick out special characters that can’t be visible as text on discord and your name will be invisible in that case. It is just that simple.

How to Get an Invisible Discord Name?

Now that you have a basic idea and understanding of invisible names and status on discord and why they are significant, it is also important that you know how to do it. 

Here, we will be discussing the easiest steps that you need to follow for getting an invisible discord name:

  • Start by opening the Discord application on your desktop or the web app, whatever floats your boat
  • Once the app is opened, you then need to scroll down to the bottom left corner of the screen and select the “Gear” icon from there
  • From there, click on “My Account”, which is present on the left sidebar
  • Beside your username, you will find an “Edit” button that you need to click on
  • Once you are there, you can paste the special character that you have copied from varying sources that are available online.
  • Paste the copied Unicode characters into the username box after the Edit option is clicked
  • Enter your password for the discord account to confirm the changes and then click on “Done”

That is all that you need to do. The process is simple. Just ensure that you copy the Unicode characters properly and without leaving any kinds of unnecessary gaps in between.

Are there any risks to using an Invisible Name on Discord?

Unlike some of the other social media platforms with extremely strict rules and regulations, you don’t have to worry about the same with Discord. The platform doesn’t have any kinds of strict rules to change the username to an invisible username, so you are in the clear. 

However, several community servers have restrictions when it comes to staying anonymous on the platform. So, in such cases, you might get yourself banned out of the community, so there is that. But, if you are doing it for your safety and privacy concerns, you can always discuss the same with the community server admin and get the same sorted out with them.

Keep in mind that having an invisible name on Discord is not the same as having an idle status. Both are completely different notions, so educate yourself about the difference before you likely implement any of the changes.

The concept of Invisible character discord is not as confusing as many people make it out to be. All you need to do is ensure that you follow the right steps we mentioned and copy and paste the code the right way without spaces and you are all sorted. Sometimes, all you need to do is follow the steps as they go.


How do I type an invisible character on Discord?

If you wish, there are several converters available online that can help. Otherwise, you can hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and type out the code that you want to produce for similar results.

Are invisible names allowed on Discord?

Yes, invisible names are allowed on Discord. There are no rules or community guidelines against it from the platform itself but there are a few public servers that won’t allow you to get through if you don’t have the name and status visible.

How long does the invisible character stay like that on Discord?

It will stay like that until you decide to change your username again on the platform. So, more or less, it is going to stay like that forever.