How to Record Zoom Meeting without Permission on Mobile

Zoom has become a common name of every household. The pandemic has paved the way to the virtual world and Zoom is one of the paths that connect people online. It is a web conferencing program that has been used by people worldwide.

The professionals use it for their meetings, the children use it for their online classes and the youngsters use it to catch up with friends virtually. In the current scenario, where meeting people offline has become so restricted, Zoom has come up as an amazing platform to stay connected.

The Zoom app has various features and they are designed to help people when they are engaged in their calls. One of such features is “recording”. The recording is essential because it allows you to analyse and review the online sessions or conferences even after they have finished.

Instead of taking notes, you can simply record the entire session and check them later. To record a zoom call, you would need the permission of the host and that might sometimes be a problem. Today we would discuss how to record zoom meetings or calls without the permission of the host.

Methods of recording Zoom meeting without the permission

To record zoom meetings on your mobile phone you need to be a paid user. If you have a paid membership of zoom you can record the meeting on your mobile phones with ease. Those recordings shall be saved automatically saved in the cloud.

If the OS of your device is Android 11 or iOS 12 it will be easy for you to capture the screen of your mobile with an in-built screen recording tool. Recording a meeting in the Zoom app is also possible if the operating systems of mobiles are of earlier version as nowadays there are various third-party apps of screen recording that are free to use. iOS has an in-built screen recorder in its phone.

However, with older versions of OS in Android phones, people need to install a third-party app. There are many such apps but the Mobizen screen recorder is quite convenient. Let’s see how to record zoom meetings without permission. If you are using iOS follow the following steps to record the zoom meeting without any permission.

Steps to record Zoom meeting without any permission from iPhone:

  • Join or start a meeting
  • Head to Control Centre
  • Navigate the screen recording button
  • Long press the button and your iPhone will start to capture the screen
  • If you don’t find the Screen Recording feature in the control centre, enable the feature from the settings menu.

When the recording starts you can see a toolbar that lets you pause, restart and stop the recording. Ensure enough space in your mobile to avoid any complications during the entire period of recording.

Steps to start a zoom meeting without permission on Android

Unless you are using Android 11 you need to install a third-party app such as Mobizen. The steps of recording a zoom meeting with the help of Mobizen are given below.

  • The first step is to install the Mobizen or any other app on your android device
  • After installing Mobizen open it. Skip the trial
  • Click the circle and tap on the record
  • Make the required adjustments and allow the dialog boxes to start
  • Finally, you can open the zoom app and record the meeting after joining

Note- You should start recording on Mobizen before you open the zoom app. If you open the Zoom app before you start your recording it might not be working as you want it to.

Why should you record a Zoom meeting?

A meeting should be recorded when there is trust among all the participants and the agenda of the meeting is social. There are several benefits of recording a Zoom meeting on your phone. Some of the advantages are as follows:

•          After a meeting a person will be able to analyse whether they have been heard and listened to by the other participants.

  • The recordings serve as a historical record. Those can be used while decision-making in future meetings. The recorded session will be a reminder of the past actions and events.
  • It is beneficial for the people who were not able to attend the meeting. They can watch the recorded session and understand the point of discussion.
  • It will help to keep the participants on track. If a person misses on taking notes of some of the offtrack issues, the recording session would be helpful to everyone.
  • Participating people would pay more attention when they would know that the session is being recorded. They would take an interest and actively participate in every topic discussed in the meeting.
  • If there are multiple sessions on the same topic, the speaker will not have to speak much if the first session is recorded. He can play the recorded session and add on important pointers.

A zoom is a productive tool for all types of collaboration and communication. It helps people from all over the world to participate in meetings remotely. You do not have to be physically present in that particular location to attend the meeting.

You can simply log in to your Zoom app and participate. If you want to record the meeting or session on the Zoom app, simply follow any of the methods mentioned above. You can simply sit back, relax and get the entire conversation recorded.


How to provide recording permission to participants as a host?

Below the meeting window, click on “manage participants and you will be able to see the names of the participants. Hover the mouse on the name and select More> Allow Record.

Can I record a zoom meeting on my Android or iPhone?

If you are a paid member, you will be able to record a zoom meeting on Android or iPhone. The zoom meeting gets saved in the cloud on your mobile.

Is it legal to record a zoom session/ call without asking the host?

You should get the consent of the host before recording a Zoom meeting. Zoom increases people’s interaction; hence use it legitimately.