Almost all of us love to watch sports. All of us have our different choices. Like some of you love football more than cricket. No matter what sports you love, you can watch them on TV. But what do you do when you have no access to a TV? This is where streaming sites come to the rescue.

Many sports streaming sites allow you to live stream your favorite sports. Let’s say, you have an important cricket match but you are not at home. You can log into any of these streaming sites and watch the match.

Speaking of sports sites, FirstOneTv is one of the best options out there. It allows you to watch all types of sports for free. But unfortunately, the site is no longer live. But that doesn’t mean you will lose access to live sports streaming. There are many alternatives to FirstOneTv which you can use. We have made a list of all those sites you can use in place of FirstOneTV.

FirstOneTV Alternatives

Here is the list of FirstOneTv alternatives that you can use:

  1. FreeTV

This is one of the best alternatives to FirstOneTV. It doesn’t matter which country you are from, you can access this site without any issues. The good thing is that the site offers you more than just sports. From movies to news, they have it all in store for you.

This site is a complete source of entertainment for all sports lovers. If you are not watching sports, then you can watch something else. They have several channels to offer. You can search for them in the search box.

  1. Freeintertv

This is yet another great streaming site, you can use. This site offers you over 2500 TV channels. No, we are not kidding but it has a vast number of channels in its stock.

The site is easy to navigate. On the homepage, there are filters that you can use to search for channels based on your country and genre. All you have to do is select your country from the given menu and then you will get to see all the channels available. You can start watching the channel with just a single click. You can access all of it for free.

  1. ModbroFor PC

If you are looking for a great FirstOneTV alternative, then this could be the option for you. The site also has its official app available on both ios and android. So if you are not comfortable using the website, then you can use the app. You can use the app even on your PC.

The site offers you many features that make it a number one choice for the users. Unlike other streaming sites, this is easy to use. You can search for all the channels easily. You can watch any sports you want on this site.

So these are the 3 best options available. With these sites in your hand, you don’t have to be sad over FirstOneTV.