FirstOneTV, one of the best website has been taken down by developers due to some reasons so you can no longer watch live TV channels on this site. The site is still available online and you can check out the reason mentioned by them describing why they have discontinued the free live stream service now. FirstOneTV was popular among fans for providing FirstOneTV sports and to allow users to stream live TV channels. There were over 1000 TV channels from more than 42 countries and various languages. But as of now, FirstOneTV is gone and you might be looking for the best alternatives to FirstOneTV.

The Internet is full of many perks. You can get here free sports streaming sites, sites to stream live TV channels, and much more. But there are only a few sites that can provide you the roster of channels and can be the best similar sites like FirstOneTV. Before we go ahead, we would like to tell you that no sites have got the number of channels that FirstOneTV used to offer but you can try these sites in the absence of FirstOneTV.

Why FirstOneTV is no longer available?

As we told you and you might have checked by yourself that FirstOneTV has discontinued providing you the service to watch free live TV on the internet. When you visit its site, it says “FirstOne TV has discontinued his service. It wasn’t possible to offer you this service in a legal way without to disrupt copyright holders. Therefore this service is now closed finally.”

Now the question is how you can watch FirstOneTV sports and other live channels on the internet for free. So here we have got some of the best sites like FirstOneTV and these can be the best FirstOneTV alternatives in 2021.

Top alternatives to FirstOneTV 2021 | Best FirstOneTV Alternative websites

So in this segment, we want to cover the very best live TV streaming site services available in 2021 that can bet the best alternatives to FirstOneTV. There are many out there. We have read and have looked at many websites where you can watch free live channels but these are what we would consider the best three out there. And, guess what they’re completely legitimate and they’re completely free so if you’re a cord-cutter and looking for the best similar sites like FirstOneTV or just looking to expand on your options out there, these are the best sites to stream live TV.

Pluto TV

Our first best FirstOneTV alternative is free TV streaming service and completely legitimate streaming service on the list. It is what’s known as Pluto TV. Pluto TV has been around for a couple of years now and we must tell you that it is getting pretty awesome. You can check out by yourself. Under the live TV category of Pluto TV, you can stream some of the best live channels and shows. As long as you click on the content, it starts running a little preview of what’s playing right now in the corner at the right. This FirstOneTV alternative has got a full working guide. It has got on-demand movies and video services. Some of these movies are good and in the collection, you got some classics in here, top series, and much more. Pluto TV has got to be on any cord cutter’s list for sure with no question. So if you haven’t checked it out, they have an app installable on Kodi and Android. So get this app installed and it’s just going to complement what you’re already doing. So, in our opinion, this is one of the best legal streaming service alternatives to FirstOneTV.

Crackle TV

Next on our list of the best FirstOneTv alternatives is what’s known as crackle TV or now known as Sony Crackle. Now Crackle has gone under a little scrutiny and it is actually no longer available in Canada. However, if you are living in the United States, Australia, or in some other countries then, crackle TV is still readily available to you to stream and it hs got a great lineup of on-demand TV shows, popular TV shows that you will love. You will also find some of the best and nice lineups of movies, recent movies, and many other things along with live TV streaming. So number two at the best similar sites like FirstOneTV is Crackle TV so, make sure it is on your list and it is in our best free live TV streaming services available in 2021.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the best alternatives to FirstOneTV to watch live TV. It is another site similar to FirstOneTV and you can check it out at Up here on the homepage, you get on-demand movies, TV shows, and the lineup is good so if you have not checked out Tubi TV, it should be on your list of apps to install on your Android box. It has got a number of things for you so if you are looking for the best services to live stream online for free when FirstOne TV has gone then Tubi TV has to be on your list. So make sure you give it a look.


This is a bonus site that we are adding to our list of alternatives to FirstOneTV. This site is not legitimate like the ones that we mentioned above but it has got what you are looking for. It can be accessed on all of your devices. The live channels are available from most of the countries. There are mainly three categories i.e. News, Sports, and the UK. We have tested and checked out this site. It starts streaming within a few clicks. Some channels are not available for streaming in HD but you can deal with it as this site has some fast servers. You may have to go through some ad popups. So if you are looking for the best firstonetv alternative the TKList is for you to try.

Final words…

Check out these sites and apps to watch free live TV channels on the internet and tell us which one you found the best that can be the best FirstOneTv alternatives 2021. If you know some other sites that offer the phenomenal free live streaming service then let us and our readers know in the comment box so we can add them to this list of the alternatives to FirstOneTV.