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A checking account that does not earn interest on the money kept in the account is called a non-interest bearing checking account. This type of account is primarily used as the starter checking account. Most of the children and teenagers start with this account who stores only a small amount of money. The advantage of these accounts is that there are no or limited fees attached to maintain the account. You can conveniently open a non-interest bearing checking account with Comerica Bank. The Comerica Bank customer service is extremely wonderful and you will not regret opening an account here. You will also be able to manage the account via the Comerica Bank app. Today we would tell you how you can open a non-interest bearing checking account with Comerica Bank.

Features of Comerica Bank non-interest bearing checking account

The beneficial features mentioned here will tell you why you should open a non-interest bearing checking account with Comerica Bank.

  • When you have an account non-interest checking account with Comerica Bank, you would not have to pay any monthly fee for Comerica Web Banking. You can avail of the Comerica Bank online services free of cost.
  • You can easily make the direct deposits through Comerica Bank Login as there is no monthly fee levied for Comerica Web Bill Pay.
  • You get an ATM card or debit card as soon you open a non-interest checking account with Comerica Bank.
  • You can view, download, and print the eStatements with Comerica Web bank login.
  • You get 24/7 access to all the ATMs of Comerica bank. This makes your life easier when it comes to the withdrawal of quick money.
  • If you require the Statements of the Savings account, you will be able to get them without any monthly maintenance fee.
  • One of the interesting features of Comerica Bank is check Safekeeping.
  • You get a rate discount on the Comerica Home Equity Flexline when you use autopay.
  • Comerica Bank is a Member of FDIC; hence, the accounts are insured up to the maximum amount decided by the law.

Types of non-interest bearing accounts

The non-interest bearing checking accounts come with a low requirement for maintenance. The various types of accounts are mentioned below.

  • Basic checking account – One of the popular non-interest-bearing accounts is the basic checking account that is used by one person who wishes to have the account for his/her transaction purpose only. They have very few restrictions and low frills. You need to maintain a minimum balance, pay a nominal monthly fee, and write a limited number of checks per month to avoid the fee.
  • Student and senior checking – They are the most widely used non-interest-bearing accounts as they have a noticeably lower or lower fee on the check, teller service, and automatic teller machine use. At times, this kind of account also offers low credit rates and traveler’s checks.
  • Special low-cost accounts – The special low-cost non-interest bearing accounts are in place for the customers with very low income. The regional Government wasn’t the bank to offer such accounts under the terms dictated by the Government. These accounts do not require any minimum balance and tend to have very low or no monthly fees. The checks are free; however, there is a limit to how many checks can be written per month.
  • Accounts used by the computer, phone, and automatic teller machine – Some non-bearing accounts are convenient and easily accessible via the phone, computer, and the teller machine. Comerica bank online account opening application can be used to open an account. This type of account is the best choice for customers who barely want to visit the physical bank instead use the card data Comerica login.
  • Account for joint customers– There also non-interest bearing account available for joint customers. These offer most of the same services as the basic checking account. If you wish to open a joint non-checking bearing account, you can contact Comerica bank Canada to find out whether they offer such an account.

You can check the Comerica bank online enrollment form by visiting the website of Comerica Bank. The documents that you need will be mentioned on the website. In case of doubts, you may call the customer care support of the bank.