Anime lovers know internet has blessed them with a number of websites where they can watch HD anime for free online. If you are an anime lover, then you might be familiar with AnimeHeaven. It is a free website where you can watch high-quality anime series and movies with English subtitles and dubbed audio in English. However, we should clarify that AnimeHeaven is an illegal platform, so you need to use it at your own risk. Since it beached DMCA and copyright laws, it is on the radar of officials and Google. It can get blocked without prior notice.

However, in many years AnimeHeaven has not caused any security cause to the users. You just need to access the website, and you will be able to download everything available there. But due to legal reasons, this site is not accessible in many countries. And that is why many people look for the best alternatives to AnimeHeaven to watch anime online HD. Here, we will tell you a few things about AnimeHeaven and the top anime streaming website in 2021.

What Does AnimeHeaven Offer?

As we said, AnimeHeaven is a free platform where users can stream high-quality anime videos. It has a huge collection of anime from Japan. This site provides English anime as well as anime with English subtitles. Plus, it has all the anime series and movies, from classic to the latest ones. The user interface and navigation on the website are really easy and simple. You can find any anime title with the search option.

Should I use AnimeHeaven to Watch Anime Online?

AnimeHeaven is already a popular online streaming platform, and it is loved by anime fans worldwide. But as we said, the domain name or the domain extension is likely to change very often as pirate websites are always under the threat of getting banned. In addition, many believe that such sites may have lots of annoying ads or even malicious content. However, as long as we have used this site. We have found that this is among the genuine anime streaming website, but you should use your consent when using this website. We do not promote piracy, and this article is for educational purposes only.

Since millions of users worldwide use piracy websites and most of them are trustworthy, so you can use them once you are sure about their privacy and security performance. The quality of the video streaming is also good, and the number of ads is very fewer.

AnimeHeaven Proxies and Mirrorlinks

When writing this post, we found that the top three results shown on Google are not accessible in our region. In such cases, you can use Anime Heaven mirror links or VPN. As of now, this site can be accessed with .pro extension.

Top Alternatives to AnimeHeaven

There are many options for watching anime, and many websites are dedicated to posting this content for anyone to enjoy.If you like anime and are looking for an alternative to AnimeHeaven, then in this list, you will find very interesting options.


When we talk about anime, Crunchyroll is always at the top. It is like Netflix of anime entertainment. It offers free as well as premium anime series and movies. The Crunchyroll app is a subscription service that also provides a variety of completely free content at 480p resolution. The animation resolution of the paid plan is even as high as 1080p, and you can also watch new episodes of your favorite animations an hour after they start. However, its freemium service will not provide you the latest episodes. You can download its app on iOS or Android and even access it for free on the PC.


It is a popular platform that can be considered as one of the best alternatives to AnimeHeaven. You can only find it in English and Japanese. You will find everything in your language. The amount of content it provides is one of the largest you can find on the internet, even more than other premium platforms. However, the problem with this site is that it has a lot of ads, which makes browsing their website very annoying, especially if you use a mobile phone to browse it. But you can bypass the ads by using an AdBlock on your web browser.


It is a new name for the Viewster, and it is acquired by the company that distributes anime content. It has an extensive catalog of popular anime content. It has internationally recognized animated series and films. It leads the distribution of Japanese anime in film, television, home video, and digital platforms in many countries. Along with anime, it offers various other movies and series, but its prime focus is on the cartoon, animation, and anime. So, undoubtedly, this is one of the best alternatives to AnimeHeaven.


On this AnimeHeaven alternative, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of anime. All the titles are organized in various genres and categories such as romance, horror action, and more genres. Also, you will find the most popular anime titles. You can also get the old content and the newest titles, so you can watch old animations that caught your eye or keep up to date with the latest episodes of the animations you are currently watching. You can also watch them in their original language with English subtitles or English audio. If you want to follow your favorite character’s adventures, you can even find anime movies.


Through this platform, you will have the best experience of watching anime series and movies from your mobile device since it is only available as an app for Android and iOS. You do not need to pay any fees or register to enjoy its content; although it does show ads from time to time, this is not annoying. It has a huge library where you can find the latest animation works, making it an ideal platform for viewing all content on mobile devices.


Although the design of the platform is very simple, it is a good option to watch anime online and among the best alternatives to Animeheaven. The biggest advantage of this website is that its content is of excellent quality, so you can watch your favorite anime from any device at any time in full HD. This is a website, so you won’t find any application on this platform. You can also enjoy a complete user experience. However, the number of ads on this platform is very high, which will undoubtedly affect the comfort of navigation.


The site is becoming increasingly popular with users who want to watch anime on their computers and smartphones. The platform provides a friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy for you to find what you need. In addition, it has an in-built media player so that you can watch the animation of your choice without leaving the web. You won’t be bothered by ad-supported pop-ups either. Thus, you can enjoy all the content you want, from the most popular animations to drama, HD quality, and English subtitles.


The way the platform works is similar to the one mentioned above. However, its difference makes it a good choice, and that is that the website is responsive, which means that it can adapt to the resolution of the device you use. This is very similar to AnimeHeaven in many ways. Therefore, it will improve your browsing experience on your phone, allowing you to read the chapters in their entirety or participate in the comments section, which is always very active.


This is one of the best sites on the entire list of AnimeHeaven alternatives, where you can find all the anime content you wish to watch. It is very popular among anime lovers all across the world because it provides a lot of animations that are dubbed in English or with English subtitles. Also, it has direct download links and a built-in player, and it even has a Facebook page where you can interact with other anime fans like you, and they will share interesting links.


In this AnimeHeaven alternative, you will get animation content, OVA, and dramas in English. You can even get a large number of movies from Japan and Korea and various types of movies for you to enjoy. It may take a while to load, but its streaming experience is really good. And because it has a variety of content, many active users can use it.