2Conv is a 1-click online YouTube converter and downloader web site where most YouTube users download their favorite YouTube music video/audio into their smartphones. The 2conv allows music lovers to download their favorite music videos from YouTube and play anytime. In 2Conv online website, you can simply copy video links from YouTube and paste it into the 2Conv web page provided field.

According to the need, you can click on a suitable format and get the perfect download from the 2Conv online website. The best part is that this online downloading tool provides free service and gives the fastest YouTube convert & downloads. Other similar online tools require registration to get YouTube videos downloaded and converted, but in 2Conv goes with the direct method.

We apply this online tool to download the UK Top 40 Chart of 2019 and get the successful complete data that was available on YouTube was downloaded into hard disk storage. There was no such issue found until now, and according to some YouTube users, they complain that 2Conv is a virus. This virus is dangerous that hacks your computer and stole personal data.

The thought behind this 2conv virus query is that the 2conv YouTube downloader and convertor do not spread any virus or Trojan. During the online process, some hijackers send malware virus into your PC through different ads. Sometimes people think that these ads are showing the best offer and its definite popup through the 2Conv website. The hijacker only needs a user to click on those ads, and everything will be taken.

So it’s better that you never click on any ads during 2Conv, and unfortunately, you click on these ads then follow the below method to remove viruses from your system.

Method To Remove 2Conv Virus From Your System

You must know that you get a virus through extension and some converter installed under the name of 2Conv.

Remove Setup 2Conv app from Windows 10

Step #1. From your Windows 10, press the windows button from the keyboard and search “Control panel” to open it. In control panel > all control panel items.

Step #2. Click on Programs and Features to uninstall the unwanted applications.

Step #3. Search for unspecific and unwanted apps that you haven’t installed onto your Windows PC. You can check some examples as we have shown in a screenshot.

Step #4. Once you uninstall entire infected and 2Conv virus apps from the control panel restart your computer. And you need to scan the whole computer from the best Antivirus software which will search and remove remaining files that are infected and can harm your computer.

You need to check your internet browser extension room; sometime 2conv virus also installed without your confirmation.

Remove 2Conv Virus Extension from Web Browser

To remove the extension from any web browser is very easy, and some of you can also know about how to remove the extension. To complete the steps, we use the Google Chrome web browser to operate a 2Conv free online YouTube downloader and converter. So following are the steps of how to remove the extension from Google Chrome.

Step #1. Open the new tab Google chrome web browser.

Step #2. Click on the menu button then more tools and last extension.

Step #3. In extension room, you suspect any unwanted or unexpected extension installed into Google Chrome extension.

Step #4. Close all opened applications including web browser and restart your PC.

Step #5. Once your window is started whole scan computer with Anti-virus software to remove remaining infected files from the system.

Step #6. Go to Google Chrome setting and set as default. Sometimes extension can change the setting of your web browser and if you open the web browser that loads it to any virus default home page. You have to do all this process again.

Final Words:

2Conv is a free online YouTube video downloader and convertor. This website does not provide any virus until now, which does not mean that you can blindly download from this online downloading tool website. It is better that you never click any ads that do not match the website that you opened. And always try safe internet surfing by using secure VPN and Antivirus. If any question related to the topic, then contact me through the comment box.